Australian NORA

2013 saw the launch of NORA, Australia’s newest retail industry collective. We are an association with a fresh outlook bringing a balanced and optimistic view of Australia’s retail future. We are advocates of a retail renaissance – and we believe this is built on three pillars:

‘New Retail’ is about leveraging these three pillars to our greatest advantage; be it providing an optimum customer interface, understanding and making use of data to drive innovation and efficiencies, streamlining the supply chain or improving the payment process.

We aim to provide the community, a catalyst for collaboration, in which New Retail members can come together and grow together.

We welcome anyone who shares the New Retail crusade to join us. To be part of NORA, you could be a retailer, technology enabler, supply chain provider, logistics & fulfillment organization, payment processing provider, a capital funder or anyone else who has a vested interested in a renaissance of the industry. NORA members will gain valuable networking opportunities and insights through our signature activities and events like monthly Retail Deep Dives and eCommerce Expeditions, guidance from the NORA Talent Network, and access to robust content.

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